Sunday, 24 February 2013

What is the What?

What is the What is not an easy book, but I am managing to get through it an understand it but at some times I get lost. When I first started reading I though it was a little dry and boring but the farther I went into the book the more excited and interesting it got. The moments in Sudan for me are the most interesting, and most emotionally capturing. Sometimes the transitions from him in America to him in Sudan then it goes back to him in America and sometimes that throws me off. Im learning a lot on how difficult it was for the 'Lost Boys', how difficult it was for them to survive. I really like the description that Dave Eggers give to the situation, he really lets the reader picture the moments of horror thats why at some parts of the book it can be overwhelming. The part I dont get is when Achak meets new people he calls them father and the strangers call him Son, is that part of the Religion?  

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