Sunday, 3 February 2013

Is blogging a useful element in english class?

Blogging is not a useful element in the english classroom. A lot of students are very social in real life but they can be invisible on the internet, not wanting to post their opinions online. If people don't enjoy blogging there isn't going to be anything that comes out of it, it won't be useful or have an affect on their english skills or expressing themselves. It is merely a homework task that is not wanted to be done."What if I just blog to blog?”. For people who just blog because they are told to or encouraged to won't learn anything from it, it would just be a waist of time. By having it to be a 'homework assignment' it wouldn't help express yourselves, and wouldn't fit in the english classroom. A blog is said to just write whatever you want, your hobbies and what you enjoy, if your not sure on what your hobbies are you wouldn't have anything to post. "Blogs are for you to find who you are and post about it." If you don't know who you are or haven't found it yet it wouldn't make your posts powerful. Blogging wouldn't be useful in the english class, just another homework assignment.

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