Thursday, 31 January 2013


I was different, different from the other girls. Thats why they wanted me, I had something they needed. I was at home sitting, reading on my red chair. I liked the way I sunk into the big red soft cushions with the warmth of my fire place, giving a dim light. I was wearing my purple bath robe, it was soft and my feet were against the wooden ground. There was a hard knock against my door, I had a bad feeling so I got my powers prepared. I slowly opened the door when three men, in polished silver, I couldn’t see there faces but I knew they were warriors. They took my arms, the cold metal against my skin sent shivers through my spine. I was kicking screaming, tried to budge. They held my hands apart so I couldn’t attack, I tried to budge but their grip was too hard to cut loose from. They took me into the dark, I couldn’t see anything. I fought as hard as I could so I could get out so I could run. The guy in the sliver said “Shut up girl, or we will have to hurt you” I was scared if I didn’t scream I would never be found. I couldn’t see anything, there was a dim light at the far end. It was coming closer, we were reaching to wherever they were taking me. Infront of me a jar. They opened the lid and threw mw in and my head hit hard against the glass, I couldn't use my powers because it was glass. This is how I came to this dark place, I’ve been here for a while now, and I can''t get out.

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  1. I really like yours, especially the ending. It brings some sort of suspense in the story. I also like how you change the time period from past to present.