Sunday, 18 November 2012

Why do we test love?

Love isn't always cuddles kisses, and not caring about anything in the world except for that person. But in reality love comes with tragedy, heart break, despair. And if you find that one special someone, or if you meet your soulmate. You think of these things, "What if he/she isn't the one" or "What is he/she only brings trouble". There is always a bad side to everything, including love. By testing love it assures that these things wont happen, like a percussion that, that is that special someone, or that you wont end in heartbreak. We all have doubts about things, and love is one of them. We all know that a a prince charming wont come to your window and lead you out into the sunset and get married and live Happily Ever After. Love doesn't always live a Happily Ever After, and sometimes testing it, makes sure that that Happily Ever After will happen. We test love so it answers the question "Does he/she love me?". We always test love, even just to see if we're in love, or if that's that special someone.

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