Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Story from a different view

In this assignment we had to put our whole story in the point of view of a character in our stories. I never made a writing then had to write it from a third person. I usually dont write from a third person because its much easier to have it from your own perspective. When I wrote from a third person, my writing was much less descriptive and less interesting.

When writing from a third person you really have to put yourself in their shoes, so you can be descriptive from their mind, and I found this difficult. But with this practice I understand now, i need practice but I understand. So this assignment really taught me how to put my story in someone else's perspective and make it descriptive. My. Raisdana said that instead of exchanging all the i's to he/she, we have to be that person.

When I started off in the third person, I was telling everything from another persons point of view, then we were given another week, to really fix it and get to that "gold". In that time I went back and really thought, and went around my writing and started to fix it.

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