Sunday, 9 September 2012


The thing that I learnt in english class about blogs, its not just a place where you put in your homework. It yours it can be personal if you want, it can be about anything, it represents you. I had a blog before but I never use it, so i learnt how to subscribe to others. Also how google blogs work. The thing that I enjoy in class is that you don't have to raise your hand, you can say your opinion. Then Its not like the teacher is only talking but that its always a group discussion. It makes class a lot more fun because you can also talk and understand instead of just listen. If I could change something it would be. I wish what we could do differently is that we could have a session that we could read for 10 minutes because I don't have time to read during school, and reading really improves writing and I think reading would be great way to start a class on monday.

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